What we offer

The PANGEA Model

PANGEA creates agricultural joint ventures with regional agricultural partners. These agricultural partners retain 100 % ownership over their land in addition to being decision-makers in the management of the joint ventures. What is shared in the joint venture is essentially the equipment that is used in the farming of the agricultural land.

Our model is based on the partnership with farmers in the operations with PANGEA investing in equity, not in debt as traditional financial partner. PANGEA thus shares risks with the farmers.

The joint venture that is created aims to cultivate the total land belonging to PANGEA and the agricultural partners. Profits of the joint venture are shared on a basis of 49% for PANGEA and 51% for the agricultural partner, or in proportion of its participation.

The model provides farmers with the opportunity to cultivate a larger acreage, enabling them to benefit, among other things, from economies of scale and debt reduction. To find out more about the advantages of our model for farmers, please click here.


Principles guiding our actions

  • Enabling farmers and their families to make a good living from agriculture;
  • Encouraging a dynamic use of the territory and the vitality of the regions;
  • Encouraging and supporting young farm operators who wish to stay or become agricultural entrepreneurs;
  • Making purchases for supplies, services and expert in agriculture resources, through our agricultural partners in the regions;
  • Giving full decision-making power on the joint-venture‚Äôs management and purchases to our agricultural partners;
  • Buying farmland through a fair and transparent process and justifying price taking into account agronomic yields;
  • Keeping and cultivating farmland over a long term basis in partnership with farmers and local communities.

What we want to offer farmers

  • A substantial area of cultivable farmland, enabling profitable operations without incurring additional debt;
  • Making a good living from agriculture;
  • The possibility to remain a decision-making business owner who retains control over strategic decisions, rather than becoming an employee;
  • The opportunity to invest their share of profits from the joint venture in the purchase of additional land;
  • Minimized risk, because PANGEA invests in equity, not in debt;
  • Retain ownership of land;
  • Gain access to state-of-the-art equipment;
  • A sharing of best practices.