Partners in Ontario

Our partners in Ontario

Operating company : Laurentia Farms


  • Agricultural partners : Thomas Uhr and Vicky Robinson
  • Growth-oriented farm operators
  • Location : Moose Creek, Southeast Ontario
  • Area : 1,600 acres
  • Crops : Cereals for human consumption, corn, soy

Thomas and Vicky’s families have worked in the agricultural sector for generations. It was therefore no surprise when Thomas developed a keen interest in the high technology aspect of farming.

PANGEA acts as a sort of catalyst to help them expand their business, in part by providing them access to new sales channels for their harvest. This will eventually enable Vicky to work on the farm with Thomas full-time.

We quickly saw that PANGEA represented a unique development opportunity for our farm. We’ll now have access to state-of-the-art equipment, which will increase our profitability.” – Thomas