Partners in Quebec

Our partners in Quebec

Operating company : Les Cultures ALY


  • Agricultural partners : Patrice Garneau and his wife, Karine.
  • First generation farm owners
  • Location : Métabetchouan, Lac-St-Jean, Quebec
  • Area : 2,300 acres
  • Crops : Cereals for human consumption, soy, corn

Patrice, a dairy and field crop producer, worked for 11 years for a farmer who, having no family members able to continue the business, suggested his employee take over. The retiring farmer had seen in Patrice a meticulous and dedicated professional.

In my mind, the main advantage of partnering with PANGEA is that it will provide the profitability and financial security my wife and I need to expand our business and realize our dream of working together on our farm. – Patrice

The partnership with PANGEA will also enable Patrice and Karine to continue as dairy producers. To this end, they plan to reinvest their share of the joint venture profits in the purchase of more advanced technology.

Operating company : Les Cultures M.B.


  • Agricultural partners : Martin Brassard
  • Young farm operator
  • Location : Alma, Lac-St-Jean, Quebec
  • Area : 3,700 acres
  • Crops : Cereals for human consumption, seed production, soy, canola, hay
  • Specialized contract work : Ground leveling, drainage, seeding, manuring, spraying, harvesting

Martin acquired much of his extensive agricultural experience while working for Financière agricole du Québec and establishing a highly diversified agricultural business. He is now applying his expertise to field crop production.

PANGEA provides me with purchasing power and business opportunities. But what’s most important for me is to remain a business owner and retain decisional independence, and that’s what PANGEA enables me to do. – Martin

Martin’s partnership with PANGEA also allows him to offer job security to his employees. He plans to use his share of the joint venture profits to buy more land in order to expand his company.

Operating company : Cultures céréalières Lapointe


  • Agricultural partners : Jacques, his wife Pauline Poulin and son, Rock Lapointe
  • Family farm
  • Location : Cookshire, Estrie, Quebec
  • Area : 1,700 acres
  • Crops : Cereals for human and animal consumption

The Lapointe family has been farming for decades, but their business was too small to sustain a third generation. Roch therefore had no choice but to leave the family farm.

PANGEA enabled me to return and help operate the farm with my parents. I’m now doing what I love: working the land! – Roch

The partnership with PANGEA offers me flexibility and a quality of life I didn’t have with milk production. – Jacques

PANGEA has also provided the Lapointe family with access to state-of-the-art technology, which enhances both the productivity and safety of the work they do. Roch has just built a new house to welcome the fourth generation of Lapointes to the family farm.

Operating company : Fermes Fortin & Daigle


  • Agricultural partner : Serge Fortin
  • Farm operator
  • Location : L’Assomption, Lanaudière, Quebec
  • Area : 2,000 acres
  • Crops : Alternative crops (black and adzuki beans), wheat for human consumption, soy, corn

Serge is a farm operator whose family has worked in agriculture for more than 300 years. Originally a market gardener, today he produces field crops using state-of-the-art equipment. He is most proud of having expanded his team and business. In 2012, he combined his professional expertise with his passion for agriculture to co-found PANGEA.

Fermes Fortin & Daigle enabled us to test the PANGEA model prior to its deployment, identify best practices, and ensure it was truly aligned to the reality of today’s farmers. – Serge

Serge’s objective with PANGEA is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the agri-food sector by helping farm operators expand their business in their own regions.

Operating company : SOVALEX


  • Agricultural partners : Jérôme Landry and his spouse Manon Soucy
  • Young farm operators
  • Location : Saint-André-de-Kamouraska, Bas St-Laurent (Québec)
  • Area : 1,600 acres
  • Crops : Cereals for human consumption (wheat and oats), soy

Jérôme and Manon both come from an agricultural background. From a young age, Jérôme was involved in the management and daily operations on several operating and harvesting sites. His passion led him to specialize in field crops by incorporating technology into operations.

“Our partnership with PANGEA allows us to take up a new challenge that meets our values and our professional and personal goals. We feel supported by a competent organization that shares the financial risk associated with the development of our joint venture” - Jérôme

PANGEA enables Jérôme and Manon to be co-owners of a viable and state-of-the-art farm, thus improving the profitability and productivity of their farm operation.

Operating company : Groupe Duo-Lait


  • Agricultural partners : Jean-Pierre Blais and Chantal Roux
  • Experienced farm operators and non-related succession
  • Location : Saint-Rosaire, Center of Quebec
  • Area : 2,300 acres
  • Crops : Wheat, corn, black bean, oats, soy, canola, malting barley

Agriculture lovers, Jean-Pierre and Chantal are bound by their passion for the land. Selling their farm to strangers has never been an option; dismantling it even less. What have they chosen? Support and encourage local youth to settle in agriculture.

“The dream of every entrepreneur is to have a succession for what was built. We are fortunate today to be able to pass the torch and the PANGEA model helps us to gradually hand over the reigns of our farming business to our non-related succession.”  - Jean-Pierre Blais

The PANGEA model allows Jean-Pierre and Chantal to continue working within their farm while reducing their responsibilities over the years. It thus gives the opportunity for a non-related succession, the family of Steve Côté and Mélanie Lachance, to take over the farm while receiving the reassuring advice of mentors.

Operating company : Évolugrains


  • Agricultural partners : Jean and Bruno Ménard
  • Family Farm
  • Location : Montmagny, Chaudière-Appalaches
  • Area : 1,200 acres
  • Crops : Wheat, soy, corn, rye, oats, beans

Jean and Bruno are two brothers with a keen sense of business who grew up on the family farm. Recently turned to field crops, they are driven by a desire to grow their business, while benefiting from the experience and know-how of their parents.

“Our goal has always been to buy the family business. We had to expand to be able to work full time, without putting our business at risk. The creation of a joint venture with PANGEA allowed us to grow our farm to live well, while remaining in control of the decisions”.  - Jean and Bruno Ménard

PANGEA gives Jean and Bruno access to additional cultivated areas and allows them to maximize their profitability while minimizing the company’s indebtedness.